don't let me go.
my friends don't love me like you do.

hi, i'm lynn.
harry and louis love each other very much.

ask for a follow back, if you like.


i’d buy an audio book of harry styles reading the dictionary


so Harry can have his titties out at a wedding but when I’m doing it I’m “disturbing the peace” and “scaring grandma”

Liam playling with Niall’s ears [x]
Liam playling with Niall’s ears [x]



Harry and Louis alone on the bus that was seen shaking and then we get:




baby’s booty hurting after daddy went for a ride

  • Harry: You know when you used to go on holiday and your parents would go, 'That's a really nice view there.' and you'd be like...
  • Louis: What ARE you TALKING about?!
  • Harry: Like, now if I'm stood on top of a mountain, I'm like, yeah it looks quite nice.
  • Louis: How often on tour are you on a mountain?!
  • Niall: We NEVER go near mountains!
  • Louis: There's our tour of the Alps.
  • Niall: We go to capital cities!





okay but like why does no one talk about the three day period (dec 5th-7th 2010) where louis and harry wore the matching boots that was a good time